Our Solutions

Find out in Robot Tycoon! Start by selling robots door-to-door, responding to your customers’ needs. Then, upgrade to a storefront or, if you’re really tycoon material, a factory! Try your hand at growing a business from the ground up.

  • Will making custom products keep clients happy or prevent you from expanding?
  • Are you better off building the robots yourself or hiring someone else?
  • You have to roll up your sleeves before you can roll in the dough. Are you up to the challenge?


Top Business Concepts

“You will learn business concepts worthy of top business schools.”
– Stéphane de Buttet, Educational Gaming Expert


It’s Fun

“Playing the game is really fun because you get to make these robots. Sometimes I listen to what the customers say, but it’s cool to be the boss and do what you want.”
– Molly, Age 9